Referring, PRE-QUALIFIED, Contractors/Vendors, Company Outsourcing, & other Professional Services

OUR GOAL, at a REFERRAL SERVICE, llc, is to assist companies and individuals to obtain qualified vendors, contractors, and other Professional Services.

We contact each contractor personally.  We don't just let a company add a link to our site.  We keep a physical file with a copy of the professionals current business license, insurance, satisfactory Better Business Bureau check, and any other qualifications that you, the customer, require.

WHY USE US?  Why not?  It's
FREE to the customer.  You are under no obligation.  If you like the referral, use them, if you don't, we can refer you another, or you can go at it on your own.

We take the headache out of searching for yourself.  You may work all day and not have time.  Or you may have been 'shafted' by a contractor in the past.  You may just be "throwing darts" at the yellow pages or newspaper. 

With a REFERRAL SERVICE, llc, all you have to do is tell us what you need done, and we connect you with someone.  We do a follow-up to make sure you were satisfied.  If not, we will reevaluate the contractor that was referred to you.
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